We have experienced family physicians ready to accept new patients as well as walk-ins.

Chark Medical can also provide an on-site consultation with an Internist (Internal Medicine Specialist), ENT, Nurse, Dietitian and Hearing Aid. Our team is committed to delivering you and your family the highest quality medical care. Your health and well being is our highest priority.

During your consultation, we will ask you a number of questions to determine your current health condition and assist you with any concerns you may be experiencing. Whether you are 25 or 85, your health is always our priority.

Start early and make an appointment with our team today to discuss your health journey, as we can shed valuable light on your current state of wellness.


Our walk-in clinic are made up of a team of health professionals led by your family doctor to help you take control of your health.

Appointments with a health professional are designed to be an extension of your doctor’s consultation. Your doctor may ask you to meet with one or  more team members to discuss your health concerns in greater detail.

  • Set achievable health goals
  • Access additional resources and support
  • Learn more about your specific health issues
  • Manage your health conditions and prevent illness


At our medical clinic , we have experienced male and female family physicians accepting new patients as well as walk-ins.

Besides having many Family Doctors, we also provide on-site consultation with an Internist (Internal Medicine Specialist), Psychiatrist, Pediatrician/Neonatologist, Nurse, and Dietitian.

Our team includes primary care, a wide range of specialists, nurses, pharmacists to provide excellent health management under one roof.

With an on-site pharmacy, we have a male and female pharmacist that provide exceptional consultations and service to our patients. We also deliver medications Free of charge.

We work closely with the Primary Care Network offering a multidisciplinary approach to ensure you get the best care possible.