If you have been contemplating starting a family, but don’t know where to start, a family physician can put you on the right path to your journey. About 1 in 6 Canadian families are currently struggling with infertility issues, taking into account both female and male reproductive circumstances. 

At Chark Medical Center, we will support you throughout your pregnancy journey and offer ongoing fertility services for heterosexual and same-sex couples wishing to start a family. We will support you through every single step of the process with our family planning services as well as having access to numerous OB/GYN doctors that can enhance your chances of conceiving. 

A family physician provides holistic care to your family planning journey

Our job is to advocate for you and your family’s health. We have numerous contacts with community aids, medical resources and social services that can optimize your journey to starting a family. The best care you will receive will be for you as a whole, not just your body, which is why it’s vital that we set up a comprehensive relationship with you to get a sense of who you are. Through understanding your lifestyle, physical habits, and any mental and emotional factors that you may be influenced by, we can provide you with a holistic approach to starting a family.

Why do I need family planning if I’m thinking about having a child?

A family physicians’ knowledge of contraception and options counseling is critical in comprehensive family planning. We are widely connected with a variety of health services to ensure the health of both the mother and the newborn.

Medical family planning services increase the chances that your baby will be born healthy, with little to no risk of complications. In addition to helping you improve your chances of a safe birth, a family planning doctor will also assist you with information about your own reproductive health, and if you have a partner, discuss the desired number of children and the spacing of your potential in the future. Our medical center has comprehensive services that encompass areas including:


We can help you implement lifestyle changes that increase your chances of conceiving

Deciding to grow your family takes into account a lot of different lifestyle factors and our family physicians can help you take the necessary measures you need to take before conceiving. We can help you address vital questions that include:


Thinking of conceiving? Book an appointment with our family physicians to increase your chances of getting pregnant!

As you embark on your journey of expanding your family, ensure that you take the right step to keep you and your potential baby healthy. We can help you understand your wellness and your partner’s body and advise you on any concerns you may have.

As an experienced group of physicians that specialize in family planning, we can collectively improve health outcomes, reduce infant mortality, decrease hospitalization rates and reduce healthcare costs. Take your and your family’s well being into medical hands and book an appointment today, or visit us by walking in and getting an appointment.