Have you been thinking of getting botox? Does it actually help? Botox has been an increasingly popular treatment method that people have grown to love. Over the past few years, many have discovered that getting botox has provided them with not only cosmetic benefits but medical benefits as well! Intrigued? If you feel that
botox treatments are right for you and would like to give it a try, we’re here to help!

With our facial rejuvenation treatment services, our team of certified professionals can provide a thorough consultation and answer any questions you may have to ease any concerns before your botox appointment. Today, we’ll give you a run-down of what you can expect when getting a botox treatment, from learning about how long they last to whether or not they are safe for you! 

Ready to reach your beauty and health goals? Let’s go!

“At Commercial Drive, we want to empower all of our clients to feel amazing at any age. Botox injections have the ability to help you look youthful without appearing like a totally different person. All of our Botox injection treatments are safely administered by our certified professionals that can help you discuss your beauty goals with your safety in mind.”

How long does a Botox treatment last?

Botox is an injectable treatment that can temporarily take away fine lines – which means that a touch up every once in a while would be needed to maintain the effectiveness of the botox. 

Typically, a treatment lasts around 3 to 4 months, depending on the individual. For some, the effects may last up to 6 months, whereas others may see results for two months. Regardless, the effects will still last you quite some time, and you can consult one of our professionals at Commercial Drive to help you determine when they believe a botox touch-up is best for you!

What are some medical treatments Botox can help with?

Botox is widely known for its cosmetic benefits, such as reducing forehead wrinkles, but did you know they also provide numerous medical benefits as well? Botox was first introduced for medical use and is still heavily used for purposes in addition to aesthetics. As a non-invasive treatment method, botox can be used to reduce certain health issues, some including:

At Commercial Drive, our team of licensed professionals is here to lend a helping hand throughout each step of your botox journey. We will strive to ensure proper care and a caring experience for you, whether it may be for your first appointment or regular touch-up. If you feel that health issues, like migraines, are affecting your day-to-day life and would like a non-invasive alternative, Botox treatments may be the way to go!

Are Botox injections safe?

Botox is used with very fine needles and typically feels like a minimal prick, leaving most clients relaxed throughout the entire session. Like always, pain tolerances vary amongst individuals, so even if you experience slight discomfort throughout the treatment, the appointment itself is roughly 20 minutes, so it is normally over before you know it!

If you are worried about pain, we can help apply a numbing cream to alleviate any chances of irritation. The numbing cream will temporarily help you feel almost nothing at a specific area of your skin – safety and comfort is our top priority!

Looking for a botox appointment? Want a consultation first? Let us know!

Botox is here to stay, and with the rising use for their cosmetic and medical benefits, we think you’ll want to stay too. 

We are specially trained for botox treatment here at Commercial Drive, and we know what to do to give you the results you want and how you want it. We are also here to provide before and after tips to help you retain the effectiveness of the botox to give you optimal results.

Ready to start your Botox treatment? Call us today for a booking and consultation!

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